Following this afternoon’s Government announcement – it is steady as she goes for all of us all until 11.59pm on Tuesday 31st August, when we hope to be moving to Level 3.

What does this mean for our Tamahere Model Country School Whānau?

Our online learning programmes will continue for all of our students until such time as we return to Level 2.

We will await more details from the Ministries of Health and Education, to see what our Level 3 guidelines will look like with the Delta variant.

If you think you will require support with child care once we are in Level 3 due to being out of the house, please add your information to our original survey – Click Here.

We are trying not to overload your in-boxes, so we will keep this group informed of the protocols going forward. If at any time you need to be included in the Level 3 School bubbles, please inform us, in advance, so we can be prepared and try to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Last time the Level 3 bubbles were very restricted and full of protocols of not sharing equipment or playing together etc. I imagine this time it could be even more rigid. We are sorry for those who need to join us like this . It is not what we want children to think of as ‘school’, so no uniforms will be worn.

Have a happy time in your bubbles, enjoying being together.

We look forward to seeing you all again in Level 1, and especially the children in Level 2. 🙂

Kia kaha kautau

Ka kete ano


Waveney Parker